Globe is a fictional company offering automation renovation for apartment units. They specialize in adapting your homes into a full circle automation system. After executing different ideas for the logo, we used inspiration from the structure of apartment buildings. While there are fifteen units in the logo’s apartment complex, only one is automated. Globe understands that full automation of a building complex is still a bit of a technologic wonder.

Nonetheless, the future is bright for automation. The logo will forever represent where Globe came from and that they were present from the start. The dark blue tone recalls the darkness of the night, and the yellow circles, the sun’s bright light. This idea reflects the mentality of Globe; automation renovation will brighten your life. Finally, the circle represents the automation system installed in the unit, a full circle system. Globe’s working trucks will play a significant part in promoting their work around the city. Having vehicles parked in many different areas in the city, the company will add a sense of wonder to its aesthetic. People will wonder what these bright yellow circles may represent. Therefore, an interest should grow in the meaning of Globe’s square and circle.